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Gluten Free Zucchini Chips

Gluten Free Recipe I am more and more convinced that being gluten free will lead to a healthier life! Since we have been gluten free we have all felt better, lost weight and have more energy! NOTE: My son has to be gluten free or he gets terrible headaches. I don’t bake anything with gluten or bring home products that have gluten but I am not gluten free. I do have gluten from time to time. I came across this gluten free recipe for zuchinni chips. Hopefully I will be able to try this soon!   (photo source) Take your zucchini and thinly slice it. (The original recipe recommended using a mandolin which I don’t have… I thought a mandolin was a musical instrument! Guess I will have to look that one up.) Sprinkle rice flour on the slices. (If they are too moist you may have to pat them with a paper towel first.) Note: you can use any gluten free flour that you have on hand. Add oil to your pan. I like to use Coconut oil when cooking at high temps. Throw in the sliced zucchini and add a bit of seasoning like salt, pepper and/or garlic powder. Cook and remove! I will let you know when I try these gluten free zucchini chips. I love zucchini and am confident that these will be great!     Relevant Searchgluten free zucchini chips

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Gluten Free Healthy Recipe – Rotisserie Chicken Sausage Potatoes

Rotisserie is a style of roasting where meat is skewered on a spit a long solid Supermarkets commonly mass-produce rotisserie chickens.… Rotisserie Chicken – Good Sausage – Potato Recipe This has been a favorite for the last year!  I have made some changes to the recipe and since I just made it last night and took pictures, I decided to post the recipe again with the modifications. You can read the original recipe here: Original GF DF SF CF Potato Chicken Sausage Healthy Recipe. The first major change is the chicken.  I used to add plain chicken breast cut up into small bite size pieces.  Now I use Rotisserie Chicken cooked earlier in the week.  This chicken tastes better! The first time I used it because I didn’t have any chicken in the freezer. Every one complemented me on the meal and said how much they liked the chicken! It was easier for me and they all loved it – no brainer… easy peezy! Here the recipe for my Rotisserie Chicken. The next change has been in the types of potatoes I use. I love using sweet potatoes but they aren’t always available at Costco. The second choice is the small red potatoes, which Costco usually carries.  However, they were soft and I didn’t want to try to use them up in a week so I went with the Idaho baking potatoes. They were huge!  Not our favorite in this dish but ok.  (My favorite is a mix of sweet potatoes and red potatoes.) Here is the recipe for the dressing: Dressing – olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, basil, salt, lemon juice, dijon mustard.  (I use about twice the oil as the vinegar; so if I double the dish, it would be 1 cup oil to 1/2 cup vinegar; approx 2 T mustard; 2-4 T lemon juice; 4-5 heaping teaspoons of garlic;the rest to taste.  ) NOTE: I now add a couple of teaspoons of diced hot peppers which gives it a little kick!   Go ahead and try this!  It tastes great right out of the oven or cold! Let me know what you think… [[For more info on Rotisserie Chicken: Rotisserie  – Rotisserie is a style of roasting where meat is skewered on a spit a long solid Supermarkets commonly mass-produce rotisserie chickens.…]] How to make rotisserie chicken here.  See the fast and easy tools you can use.  

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Healthy Pasta Salad – Gluten Free

Is there a gluten free healthy  pasta salad recipe? I know you don’t typically think about pasta salad in the winter!  But we are having a relatively mild winter and I need some new recipes… so here we go. We start out with Trader Joe’s rice pasta.  We love this stuff and in our opinion it is the best rice pasta on the market! First cook your gluten free pasta to a few minutes before being done.  They call that al dente,,, I think.  (I just know that if I think it needs two more minutes before being done, that is perfect for pasta salad.)* Second, if your vegetables aren’t already chopped, get that done! You can use any vegetables you want.  I like: bell peppers** broccoli carrots onions zuchinni celery Dressing: You can use any Italian dressing,, I like to make my own with oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, basil and thyme. NOTE: * I usually add a pinch of salt and a shake of olive oil while cooking the pasta NOTE:**  I like to use yellow, orange and red bell peppers to give the salad some nice color. After the pasta has been drained, rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process. Mix everything together.  (Olives are nice if no one is allergic to them.) and refrigerate for a few hours minimum.  

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Crockpot Recipe – Bean Casserole

Bean Casserole Crockpot Recipe We go through a LOT of food! I am always trying to figure out ways to cut down on food costs as well as time in the kitchen. I LOVE my crockpots! For the first time in 27 years of marriage, I had a crockpot die! Very strange,, they usually last forever. I knew that I could probably get one on sale at Costco over the holidays and so I waited, limping along with only two crockpots until I could get my $1o dollars off. I got a bonus in the box, a small recipe book.  At first I thought there couldn’t be any good recipe there but on a desperate day, I perused through the recipes because I was out of meat and no car was available.  I came across this ‘bean casserole’ recipe and decided to give it a try. The guys loved it!  It was a hit! Hot three-bean casserole* (*Note: from the Original Crock-pot) 1/2 cup olive oil 2 cup chopped onion 2 cups chopped celery 4 cloves garlic, minced 4 cups frozen cut green beans 2 cans chickpeas 2 cans kidney beans 2 cups coarsely chopped tomato 2 cups water 2 cans tomato sauce 2-3 jalapeno peppers, minced 2 T chili powder 4 teaspoons sugar 1 T cumin 2 t salt 2 t oregano 1/2 t pepper Saute the onion, celery and garlic first. Next add the saute mixture and the rest of ingredients in crockpot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. This is a great gluten free, soy free, dairy free recipe!  I use xylitol rather than sugar.  I also use chopped hot peppers. Let me know what you think of this recipe… Linda

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Gluten Free Soy Free Dairy Free Corn Free Hot and Tangy Soup Recipe

Gluten Free Soy Free Dairy Free Corn Free Hot and Tangy Soup Recipe Finding healthy and filling healthy plans for our restrictive diets continues to be a challenge. However I do feel that I am getting better and more efficient! Today’s healthy diet menu plan is a Tangy soup with ground beef and vegetables. I cooked about four pound and ground turkey a couple of days ago.  (NOTE: The best price on ground turkey is at our local Costco for $2.29/pound.) Before this lifestyle change, I didn’t use ground beef or ground turkey in many meals other than Italian dishes.  Most of the ground meat was used for spaghetti sauce, lasagna, or baked ziti.  I also used ground beef in chili. I need to find some other recipes that were healthy, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and corn that used ground turkey.  Here is one that I modified and tastes very good. Ingredients: Ground turkey (~3# cooked) Beans (I had beans in the frig that had been soaked and then cooked, ready for soup) Onions (3 large red) Garlic (5 cloves) (can never get enough garlic!) Chicken broth (~6-10 cups) Cabbage (6 cups, red) Diced Tomatoes (2x 15 oz cans) Carrots (finely chopped; ~10) Spices – I never measure  :o)  (T – stands for more; t – represents less) Xylitol (called for brown sugar)  T Vinegar (used red wine)  T thyme  t cinnamon  t pepper  t Ground Cloves  t NOTE: Would have added a bay leaf or two but I just ran out my order hasn’t come yet.  (I just added a link on the right sidebar to the best price I have found for bay leaves!!) That’s it,, I now have two crockpots going with this soup and it smells great! I will make rice or quinoa or gluten free pasta to go with the soup as well as fill up the boys. Let me know if you if you like it and any modifications you recommend that I try. With the cooler weather on the way, soup is a great meal!

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