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  1. Ana Murillo says:


    My name is Ana Murillo, and I am an account manager with Creafi Online Media, member of the Crazy4Media Group, and one of the world’s fastest growing display advertising monetization networks. A number of our advertisers have shown an interest in advertising on your site, and I’d be interested in discussing this with you.

    As an example, these campaigns are having a very good performance with us:
    • Microsoft
    • Women´s Cancer Walk
    • ONO
    • Toyota
    • Huawei
    • Tuenti
    • BBVA
    • Accor Pullman

    We work with the best of breed display and video monetization technologies with in-house algorithms assuring the highest possible yield across both your PC and mobile inventory, and in addition we also offer the opportunity to earn additional revenue from your user base, by creating, and subsequently monetizing, personalized data segments that we create in partnership with you. This is of particular interest as it even allows you to earn revenue from your users even when on other people’s websites.

    Please contact me for further information, I am looking forward to working together with you.

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