Healthy Cooking Recipes

You know my moto: “There is no healthy diet, only a healthy lifestyle.”

Developing a healthy lifestyle will lead to a healthy diet!healthy-recipes-salad

How do you start?  By cooking healthy recipes!

There is no set of healthy recipes!  Healthy for you may be different than healthy for me! If you have any sort of food allergies or sensitivities then make sure your recipes exclude those items.

If you don’t know what allergies or sensitivities you have, then follow our healthy diet for at least a month. (if you can do it longer your results will be more definitive.) After 30-90 days, add just one possible allergen. How did your body react? Were there any changes? If yes, then take it out and try another food group.

Once you have been through this process you know what you need to exclude in your diet….

The healthy cooking recipes in this section are foods that we can eat.

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