Between Holiday Cleanse…

Healthy Diet Cleanse!

I don’t know about you but I feel miserable!  I had an awesome Thanksgiving with my family! (We also do! We have be going to my sister’s house for close to 20 years and we all look forward to our time together.  My sister does an awesome job of being hostess and planning out the meals.  NOTE: If Thanksgiving were at my house, I would be looking at the COSTCO or Stew Leonards meals to serve!)

I digress… Anyway.. all the food is good and healthy but when your body not used to a lot of gluten or dairy or sugar, it kinda reacts to a week of gluttony.  It is not my sister’s fault that I indulged in so many of the goodies!  I take full responsibility.

Also the fact that I had spent the previous two weeks traveling with my husband made the matters much worse.  I was fairly disciplined during those two weeks and was able to get some exercise. But last week, I just lost all control.

RESULT: This week I feel fat, sluggish and blah…


I have resolved to get back on track with my diet and exercise.  I am not going to wait until after Christmas and New Years!  So what does that involve…

1) I installed Noom on my new Samsung Galaxy S3 (my two year contract expired this month and it was time for a new phone and contract.  I love my new phone!)  More on Noom and Samsung later

2) I am cutting my glutton intake by 75% and my dairy intake 100% and my sugar intake 25%.  (Still have to have my chocolate to get through this transition stage.)

3) I am increasing my vegetable intake 300%… Salad at lunch and some veggies at breakfast and dinner

4) Making sure I drink as much waster as I can

My friend, Magdalena, has come out with a guide for what to eliminate in your diet for various ailments.  You might want to see what she recommends.  Click here to view more details
Here are a few of this things from her guide:

What you will get from the Elimination Guide:

  • Clarity on what food exactly is bothering you (sadly, most people have more than two food intolerances so getting off gluten alone is not enough for most people).
  • Meal plan and recipes so you never feel deprived.
  • Complete substitution list for gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and corn so you quickly transition to a new lifestyle.
  • Get to know what the Big 5s and the Small 5s are.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to administer the Elimination Diet with two options; gentle or fast.
  • What are other, alternative ways of testing for food intolerances.
  • Find out why tomatoes can be a detrimental food for people with joint pains.

Click here to learn more…






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