How to Cook a Rotisserie Chicken

Why buy a rotisserie chicken when you can cook your own?

There are several ways to cook a rotisserie chicken.  Watch this short video – I like how they recommend anchoring the chicken legs.

Here is a great rotisserie, Showtime Ronco Rotisserie:

Here are few comments about the Ronco rotisserie:

You guys can laugh, but my elderly mom has one of these and the food that comes out of these things are great. I wish I had one, but I will someday when the price comes down a little more. Steve did a great job with the announcing even thoough all of Ron P.’s infomercials are silly, he makes really decent kitchen products. We’ve never had one problem with anything we have bought from him for the kitchen. No joke.

My mom has had hers for years and we’ve cooked many turkeys in it for Fall and Winter holidays. Hers is working great. You can’t treat it roughly. It is a mess to clean, but lots better than scrubbing a turkey roasting pan or any other pan where you roast or cook meat or fish. Charcoal is dangerous to cook with and if its snowing or raining outside, you aren’t going to go outside to cook. The food tastes good so we have been happy with the product.

Here is the Ronco Rotisserie from Amazon

One of the four star reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Rotisserie
My family has used my mom’s wedding rotisserie for years, but after fifty years it finally died. We were in a panic, what shall we do, after all it lasted fifty years, made of shiny steel. We searched all the rotisseries out there, read the comments on the different products, even looked at eBay, noticed comments about the white plastic discoloring eventually from the…

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