Is Rotiserie Chicken Healthy? Update

Updated report – Is rotisserie chicken healthy?

Here is the bottom line: When you look at most take out grocery stores you will see why rotisserie chicken one of the healthiest alternatives.

REMEMBER: For healthy rotisserie chicken, remove the skin!

Take a look at these recent articles regarding rotisserie chicken and eating healthy:

Protecting kids from diabetes Philadelphia Inquirer blog

Philadelphia Inquirer blog Protecting kids from diabetes. Philadelphia Inquirer blog Have less fast food stop by the supermarket for quick healthier take-out like a rotisserie chicken salad and whole-grain bread And cut back on saturated fat the kind in full-fat milk cheese and ice cream as well as in fatty meats and baked goods.…

Avoiding picnic pitfalls Baltimore Sun blog

Avoiding picnic pitfalls. Baltimore Sun blog Main dishes such as fried chicken cold-cut subs hamburgers and hot dogs tend to be high in sodium and fat. A few substitutions can make your entrées just as tasty and convenient while reducing calories and fat. Rotisserie chicken Pick up one at and more.…

Cart Smarts Toss a healthy spring salad Post-Bulletin

Post-Bulletin. Cart Smarts Toss a healthy spring salad. Post-Bulletin. Some ideas include leftover grilled meat rotisserie chicken hard-boiled egg nuts beans tuna or edamame. Dress it up. Be careful with dressings because that’s where most of the calories come from. Choose light or fat-free dressings to save fat and more.…

As you can see, these articles include rotisserie chicken in healthy diets for kids to reduce their chances of diabetes. Rotisserie chicken is recommended as a substitute for hamburgers and hots dogs for picnics this summer.

You can purchase rotisserie chicken in almost any supermarket or super store but if you want to make your own rotisserie chicken, here a some of the best tools to consider.

Get started on your own healthy diet path, make a rotisserie chicken this week!

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