No Healthy Diet Facebook Page – Update

No Healthy Diet Facebook Page Update

Facebook is rolling out some mandatory changes.  They have created a timeline layout the will be shown on both your personal profile pages as well as your business pages.

I just uploaded a new cover image for my Facebook page and made a few other changes.

Here is the cover page:

no healthy diet recipes facebook page

Just in case you are not aware, on March 30th Facebook will change all personal profiles and pages to the new timeline layout.  Whether you want it or not, Facebook has decided.

Here are a couple of things you need to know to get your page up to date:

  • Cover image – The dimensions for the this image are 851×315.  Create an image that depicts your business or service. (NOTE: Make sure that you follow Facebook’s guidelines.)
  • Profile image – You still have one that is 180×180
  • About – The ‘About’ content gets pulled in from your information page.  Take a look at what shows us and make sure you have optimized the content.
  • Apps – you now have 4 apps that show but you have room for 12 apps in total.  The photo app will always be in position one but you can chose which other 3 apps you want to show.  (NOTE: You can also re-arrange the apps as well as edit the caption and the image that shows.  See “How to Create a Facebook Page – Timeline Layout Changes Part 3.)
  • Posts: all the posts appear by date created but you now have two new features:
    1. Pin It – you can pin a post to the top; it will stay there for 7 days
    2. Star It – you can star a post and it will span two columns rather than the typical single column
  • Admin: all the admin information is at the top of the page.  It is easy to read and digest at a glance.  (Very cool feature)

Go take a look at my new page: Healthy Diet Plan

Let me know what you think!


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