What is a Healthy Diet?

Healthy Diet Menu

I know you have heard the term: “You Are What You Eat.

Healthy Diet Menu You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat Healthy Diet Menu

Well it is true!!

Your body needs a good healthy diet to function at its best but unfortunately we add a lot of junk into our bodies and expect  to be able to perform well.  That may work when we are young but as we age our habits will catch up with us.

A healthy diet is simply putting the foods into our body that help fuel our cells and keeping out the foods that make our body work hard to process and many times cause damage to our cells.

A healthy diet is also eating at regular intervals and having the needed variety. We tend to skip breakfast or eat something high in carbs which starts our metabolism off on the wrong foot.

As I have mentioned in other posts, it is important to develop healthy habits!

Here are the foods which I have often seen as essential for any healthy diet menu:

  • Beans or legumes
  • Berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • Broccoli
  • Green tea
  • Nuts (walnuts, almond…)
  • Oranges
  • Pumpkin
  • Salmon
  • Soy
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Turkey
  • Whole grains
  • Oats
  • Yogurt

I have seen these called ‘superfoods’ because they have fewer calories, higher levels of vitamins and minerals, and many disease-fighting antioxidants.

They are also thought to help stop and even reverse diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and some forms of cancer.

HOWEVER, I disagree with this list.

The first one I would exclude from my healthy diet menu is soy. Now that will be a shocker to most folks.

Soy is one of the high allergy foods, like gluten and peanuts. It is also one of the foods that has been genetically altered and the long term effects of GMO foods is not known.

Although whole grains have a lot of benefits, there are many people who have gluten allergies and the number is rising at an alarming rate.

Yogurt typically has either sugar or aspartame to sweeten it and can’t be eaten by individuals with dairy allergies.

Really research before putting together the foods that you are going to include in your healthy diet menu.

Through our journey we have discovered that we were way off base.  We ate a relatively healthy diet by most standards.  I had little sugar in house, limited sweets, limited sodas, and ate whole grains.

We recently discovered that our kids had severe food allergies and now we have to re-evaluate and drastically change our menu planning.  It has been quite an adjustment but we are slowly finding our way around putting together a very healthy diet plan.

My top foods (at least for now) are:


Onion - Big Part of our Healthy Diet Menu

  • Eggs
  • Meats (Red, Chicken, Turkey)
  • Fish
  • Greens/yellows/red vegetables
  • Brown rice/Quinoa
  • Fats – olive oil/coconut oil/butter
  • Onions/Garlic
  • Some fruit
  • Nuts (walnuts/almonds primarily)

We have begun to see some amazing results and I can say that we are what we eat!

Go plan your healthy diet menu!

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2 Responses to What is a Healthy Diet?

  1. I was going to say I was opposed to soy as well, but then kept reading and agreed with your reasons. Yogurt can be part of the list. There are some easy/yummy ways to make it yourself. Let me know if you are interested.

    I want to rid our home and bodies of processed foods. We were much better when our oldest dd was living at home, now not so much. Still better than most families, but better is not good enough. I will be revamping my shopping list. I did read the other day that par boiled white rice is pretty high up on a “good” list, which I am going to consider as I can not stand brown rice. I keep trying, but so far it is a bust with my whole family.

    • Going Green says:

      Pam, Thanks for the offer – I will be interested in making our own yogurt if dairy becomes a non-allergenic food.

      It is hard to stay on task with this! I still get overwhelmed at times by the amount of time I spend providing “unprocessed” foods. Do share any recipes you have! I will be sharing more of our ‘successes’ as well as ‘failures’.

      What I do with brown rice is mix in onion flakes, garlic, salt, and curry. It really helps with the taste. Now all 4 of us can handle brown rice. :o)

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