Healthy Diet Plan Includes Eggs!

Healthy Diet Plan Includes Eggs – However ONLY EVERY OTHER DAY!

Healthy diet recipes eggs

Eggs -Part of our Healthy Diet Plan

One of the hardest part of this new “healthy diet” or preferably, “lifestyle”, is breakfast.

I have admitted that I was getting lazy in the kitchen.  We had a relatively healthy diet by most standards but I was always looking for ways to save time.

Some mornings we had eggs, other mornings a protein shake with fruit but the rest of the mornings were toast or cereal. If we diet have eggs or a shake I would usually have oatmeal.

Of those four options, the only choice we have today is eggs.  (That may change later on but my reality is today. Since both my kids have been diagnosed with many food allergies my definition of a healthy diet has changed dramatically.)

BUT,,,,, I have to make them differently.

Since no one is a fan of fried eggs, I usually scramble them but without milk and cheese. Since we are to have 2 servings of vegetables as well in the morning, I fry up a few veggies before adding the eggs.

Here are a few of the vegetables I have tried and am open to suggestions.

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Peppers
  • Zucchini

The onions and sometimes garlic are a keeper! Neither of my men like the peppers or zucchini in their eggs.  According to the younger one: “If I have to eat vegetables for breakfast, let me eat them separately. Don’t ruin the one thing – eggs – I like.”

With the scrambled eggs, I add:

  • salt
  • pepper (dear daughter doesn’t eat eggs so I can add the pepper)
  • little garlic powder
  • a few onion flakes
  • a little basil

Our latest find is a healthy chicken sausage that is pork free, gluten free, MSG free and Nitrites free.  I fry that up with the onions and it give the eggs a nice flavor.

Always open to ideas!

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6 Responses to Healthy Diet Plan Includes Eggs!

  1. I like veggies in my eggs, but can understand him wanting them seperate. You could have a salad if you keep them apart. Then they could load the salad however they want. Do they like hard boiled eggs? That could be an alternative as well, either plain or with a salad. Also could have raw or steamed broccoli, cauliflower or whatever kind of veggies they like.

    I didn’t know you could find chicken sausage. I was wanting some sausage but really don’t want pork ones. Now I have to go searching.

    Do you have a list of the foods that you can have? Maybe we can help with ideas all around – or steal yours if they are yummy! 😉

  2. Julia says:

    I like to eat my eggs in my breakfast shakes- raw! We have a great source of eggs that come from local, grass-fed, free-range hens. I’ve read in several places that raw eggs are actually pretty healthy for you, though of course there are various opinions everywhere on raw vs. cooked. Eggs are certainly a staple at my house!

    • Going Green says:

      Wish we were close to “good” eggs! I’m not sure I am ready for raw…??? Tell me, what do you put in your shakes?

      • Julia says:

        Let’s see. I put in about 2 ts of chia seeds (or the gel made from chia seeds), 1 TB coconut oil, 2 ts “green drink” (spirulina, chlorella, barley grass powder), 1 ts cinnamon, a sprinkle of cloves, nutmeg and allspice, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1/2 ts vanilla extract (or whatever kind of flavor I feel like having), and a dash of stevia. It’s about 330 calories or so in total.

        I sometimes have this as a meal along with some nuts (Brazil nuts or almonds, generally) and/or a homemade gluten free muffin. Lots of nutrients, and the spices add lots of flavor.

        Sometimes I add some milk to it (it would have to be coconut or rice milk for you guys, I guess!). And that’s my weird shake. 🙂

        • Going Green says:

          Thanks a lot for sharing that Julia! It is pretty weird! What motivated you to try chia seeds? Where do you get them?
          Is your green drink similar to what we used to get from Dr. Shultz?
          I will have to look at the ingredients in our vanilla. I was told to check. (We have to check everything!)

          • Julia says:

            We actually got our chia seeds through a coop that a friend of ours knew about. My Mom was doing such research on them, and we decided to try them for their health benefits and many uses. We were able to get them on sale.

            Chia seeds are really a superfood! They contain iron, calcium, potassium, omega 3’s (they’re one of the highest plant sources of omega 3), fiber, protein and more. When you add them to water, they swell up into a gel, which you can then use as a “food extender” and mix into things like nut butters, sauces, sweet potato or squash, or use as an almost complete substitute for butter/oil in baking. They’re also good sprinkled on salads or thrown into shakes.

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