Gluten Free Zucchini Chips

Gluten Free Recipe

I am more and more convinced that being gluten free will lead to a healthier life!

Since we have been gluten free we have all felt better, lost weight and have more energy!
NOTE: My son has to be gluten free or he gets terrible headaches. I don’t bake anything with gluten or bring home products that have gluten but I am not gluten free. I do have gluten from time to time.

I came across this gluten free recipe for zuchinni chips. Hopefully I will be able to try this soon!


Gluten Free Healthy diet Zucchini Chips
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Take your zucchini and thinly slice it. (The original recipe recommended using a mandolin which I don’t have… I thought a mandolin was a musical instrument! Guess I will have to look that one up.)

Sprinkle rice flour on the slices. (If they are too moist you may have to pat them with a paper towel first.)
Note: you can use any gluten free flour that you have on hand.

Add oil to your pan. I like to use Coconut oil when cooking at high temps.
Throw in the sliced zucchini and add a bit of seasoning like salt, pepper and/or garlic powder.

Cook and remove!

I will let you know when I try these gluten free zucchini chips. I love zucchini and am confident that these will be great!



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