Healthy Avocado Recipe


Healthy Diet Recipe with Avocados

I needed something quick and easy for lunch today.  Normally we have a huge salad and add some protein via leftovers or nuts or beans.

Today I had to leave at lunchtime for a doctor’s appointment and decided to try something new.

I had some cooked beef hamburgers in the freezer and an avocado that was ripe and

Healthy Recipes Avocado Guacamole

Hamburger with Avocado Recipe

ready to use. Before I asked my friends on Facebook how to cut up an avocado, I did it this way:

I used a sharp knife to peal off the skin.
Next I tried to hold on to the bottom part while carefully cutting away the meat around the nut.
Then I  held on to the nut while cutting off the bottom half of the meat.

As I am performing this messy task, I thought “There has to be a better way.” So I went to Facebook and asked my friends for help.

Here is what they told me to do:

  1. Using a knife, cut around the avocado in the middle, down to the nut
  2. Twist off one half and then remove the nut in the other half.
  3. Scoop out meat.

I am intuitive and insightful when it comes to websites or traffic or using social media, but I am pretty dense in the kitchen.  I had in my mind I was to cut around the center.  However, I decided to find a video which showed that I needed to cut it lengthwise!

Guacamole Recipe

  • Ripe avocado
  • Chopped onions
  • Garlic
  • Little chili peppers
  • Cumin
  • Salt
  1. Mash up the avocado meat  (after removing the skin and pit)
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients (to taste) and mix
  3. Put a healthy dab on the hamburger.

We’ve also put the guacamole on a large slice of bell pepper.  Some day my son may be able to have some chips but for now we have to be creative.

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5 Responses to Healthy Avocado Recipe

  1. Julia says:

    That looks very tasty! Putting the avocado on the burger is a great idea. I love avocado, but I don’t get it very often!

    • Going Green says:

      I never bothered buying an avocado before but really love it fresh now! Since our food options are so limited right now, it is a special treat for Kurt and I.

  2. I’ve cut it both ways, and have success no matter what. If I want to have diced avocado, I will do that while still in the “half” and then scoop it out. If I want smaller pieces, I will do a quick chop after it is out.

    They are yummy no matter how you do it. I finished one today in my salad. 🙂

    • Going Green says:

      You would have laughed watching me peel one and then try to hold on to mushy meat while carefully cutting around the nut. It was hard not to end up with some pit shaving in the meat!

    • Going Green says:

      Pam, If you have any other recipes with avocados, let me know.

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