Healthy Recipe: Turkey Burgers

New Addition to Healthy Diet Menu – Turkey Burgers

The biggest challenge for making any dish with ground turkey is the bread crumbs.  It is easy to find gluten free bread but it is difficult to find gluten free bread that is also soy free, dairy free, corn free, and yeast free.

The yeast is the real problem with bread, at least for now. Hence, it is impossible to find bread crumbs that are free of gluten, soy, dairy, corn and yeast.

What to do… I needed something to absorb the moisture.

While making a salad, I decided to add some black beans for protein.  The thought struck me, why couldn’t I mash up black beans and use them in turkey burgers?

It worked beautifully!

Here is my healthy diet turkey burger recipe:

  • finely chopped onion
  • minced garlic
  • finely chopped hot peppers (just a small amount)
  • lemon juice (squirt)
  • little basil
  • a few pinches of salt
  • granulated garlic
  • onion flakes
  • egg
  • black beans

First I mashed up the black beans using a pastry cutter.  (I’m certainly not making any pastries with it!  It also works great on avocado!)

Then I just dump in the rest and mix with my hands.  A rather messy job but the fastest and easiest method.  Then I make them into patties and either freeze or refrigerate until we are ready to grill them.

It you have any other suggestions, please comment below…

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