Maintain a Healthy Diet

How Do You Maintain a Healthy Diet – Our Story

ANSWER: Our of Dire Necessity

To be honest, we are just at the beginning of our story. (This page will grow as our journey grows.) About seven years ago, my son, who was about 10 at the time, started getting headaches.

They were sporadic and would last a short time. As the frequency of headaches grew so did our concern. We took him to our pediatrician, who I really liked, and the first thing he did was prescribe a Lymes test.

Since we live in Connecticut – Lymes disease was named after Lyme, CT where the first case was diagnosed – that made sense, especially since my son was outside all the time and we had found ticks on him over the years.

This blood draw was just the beginning of many blood tests. Over the years he would have close to a quart of blood taken for a variety of tests. Back to the story, the test came back negative.  It didn’t appear that he had Lymes.

As a concerned mother, meanwhile I decided to embark on improving our eating for a more healthy diet. I reduced the amount of sugar and made sure we ate whole grains. I am sensitive to sugar and suspected that sugar might be part of the culprit.

Fast forward to today, we are on a very healthy diet plan now. I will finish the story as I have time. For the first time in years my son has seen some relief with his headaches. They are not gone but no other treatment gave even the slightest of relief.

If you have someone suffering and there is no answers, you may want to seriously consider food allergies.

I will post our healthy diet menu and recipes on the blog and let you know when I update this page.

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