Exercise is Vital to Healthy Weight Loss

Love it or hate it, exercise is vital to healthy weight loss!

We have been on this “healthy lifestyle” for five months! It is hard to believe!exercise if vital to healthy living

For the first time in fifteen years I have been able to lose weight! That certainlywasn’t the motivation behind this lifestyle change, but an encouraging benefit.

My son has lost close to 50 pounds! He is looking great! But, he has beenhaving trouble getting started with exercise. In comes a young man who seesthe need and takes it upon himself to train our son.

You would think that such an opportunity would be recognized and appreciated. Although he is not enthusiastic, he is responding by doing the workouts. Although he is very sore, I know that in 30 days he will see the benefits! (He wants to continue to lose weight and I know that exercise is vital to healthy weight loss.)

His trainer asked if he could use my heart rate monitor. Exercise has been a part of my life since I was a kid. Back in the ‘olden days’ we played outdoors regularly and when I started school, I was in every sport offered to girls.

Even after college, I still played tennis, raquetball and softball. When my kids were young, I used to swim a mile early in the morning. That was great exercise!There was a swim coach in town who put together different workouts which were great training.

This was the first time I started using a heart rate monitor. It was great for increasing cardio training levels and helping me reach my fitness goals. My coach was instrumental in determing my target heart rate range.

These heart rate monitors are fitness essentials that are extremely effective when it comes to providing you with the best results in the shortest period of time.

Here is how you can use one:
The beats per minute of your heart, or “heart rate” can be useful for guaging the intensity of a workout. Most heart rate monitoring devices allow you to set up at least one target heart rate zone.

You can push it to be the best that you can be, all while in your target heart rate range. You decide what your heart rate will be for a given workout and then watch your monitor to make sure you reach it. It’s quite simple.

Want to get faster? Train with higher heart rates to build speed. Want to go farther? Train with lower heart rates to develop endurance.

Back to my story. I used a couple different heart rate monitors over a ten year period. My two favorite were Polar and Omron.  The unit last for a long time but constant exposure to chlorine caused the chest strap to decompose.

So naturally I looked at these two first when looking for a monitor for my son.

I did a search at Amazon (my favorite place to shop) and here are the search results for ‘heart rate monitors’: Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate MonitorTimex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch Watch, Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor, and Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

You can get all sorts of “extras” like: stopwatch, exercise timer, clock, settable heart zones with alarm, and backlight. I would just go with the basics. You want to be able to input the range and have the monitor notify you when you are outside the range.

Also check whether you can change the battery yourself or must send it to the factory. Take a look at what is available and decide the best value for you.

After taking a look at the reviews and the features of each heart rate monitor, I decided on the Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

More coming on how to use a heart rate monitor and why exercise is vital to healthy weight loss…

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