No Way! Weight Loss Without Dieting?

Weight Loss Without Dieting?

One of the biggest barriers to weight loss has been following a strict diet plan. This was especially true when different members of the family were on different diets or worse yet, no diet. However, recent discoveries have led our entire family to healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss!Healthy Diet Menu Apple Measuring Tape

Believe me, I have tried about every diet out there and have not had much success. In fact, I gained back the weight and more when I went off the diet! How frustrating is that!

The problems with most diets is that you deprive yourself of foods that you crave and you feel like you are punishing yourself to lose the weight. Once the diet is over you go back to the way you were eating and you put the weight back on. It is normal to even add additional pounds and your weight loss becomes your weight gain!

The secret is not a diet but a healthy lifestyle change. It is the way you approach you whole meal planning. It is not depriving yourself of foods but giving yourself healthy alternatives.

It is a totally different way of looking at eating. Once you see how great you feel by making healthy lifestyle changes, you want to keep it up. You plan your meals differently. You shop differently.

I must admit that medical reasons forced us into a healthy lifestyle change. It was hard at first! I was in panic mode as I had to rethink how I planned our meals. It took a lot of time and effort to shop and cook!

After awhile, the process became our routine. Everyone has lost weight and is feeling great. This is motivation for me to stick with it. For the first time in twenty years, I have been able to lose weight!

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